Civic Life

Learn more about some of the many wonderful volunteer groups that serve the community in Charlotte:

  • Charlotte Central School PTO: supporting CCS Students; helping them realize their highest potential; building their futures.
  • Charlotte Grange:  honoring our agrarian roots and building a resilient future for all. The Charlotte Grange is a membership organization that hosts community events in their East Charlotte Grange Hall and all around town.

  • Charlotte Food Shelf: a nonprofit that provides nutritious food at no cost to residents of Charlotte and North Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

  • Charlotte Heart and Soul: a new project that involves Charlotte residents who have not already come to the community decision-making “table,” creating new opportunities for people and groups who might feel their voices haven’t been heard.

  • Charlotte Historical Society: since 1947, works to steward and preserve Charlotte’s historic resources. Manages the Charlotte War Memorial Museum, open seasonally at 15 Museum Road.

  • Charlotte Land Trust: working to conserve the natural and working lands of Charlotte for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • Charlotte-Shelburne-Hinesburg Rotary: a global network of more than a million People of Action. We see a world where people work together to create lasting change – throughout the world, in our communities, and in ourselves.

  • Lewis Creek Association: a non-profit conservation organization that leads sustainability and conservation work within the watershed boundaries of the LaPlatte River, Thorp Brook, Kimball Brook, Holmes Brook, McCabe's Brook, and Lewis Creek, to service the watershed towns of Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, Hinesburg, Monkton, Bristol, Shelburne and Starksboro.

  • Sustainable Charlotte: working to build a sustainable, just and resilient community that can thrive in our bioregion of finite resources. Works to unleash the collective skills and resources in our town to support regenerative grassroots community projects in collaboration with others.


Please note: groups listed above are not affiliated with town government. Links are not maintained by the town, and are subject to change without notice.