Significant Habitat Map

The Charlotte Significant Wildlife Habitat Map—interactive edition—is available to the public online. Below are links to two related documents: the Users' Guide, which provides important background information, and Navigating the Map with instructions on how to use it. These links are also on the map itself.

If there is a problem with viewing the interactive version of the map, paper copies can be obtained from the town planning office.

The map is the product of more than two years of professional review and assessment, organized by the conservation commission with detailed input and assistance from:

Funding was provided by select boards, conservation and planning commissions, and a municipal planning grant from Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

The map represents real innovation and leadership in the area of municipal planning. Land owners, educators, town planners, and anyone wanting to learn more about Charlotte’s vast array of natural resources will find it very useful and easy to use.

The Conservation Commission welcomes your comments regarding the map. Contact us at: