Bench on Town Link Trail looking toward Mt. Philo
Town Link Trail near ball field

Trails Committee

The Trails Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the Charlotte network of trails, in accordance with the town plan. Currently the committee maintains four separate trails (Pease Mountain, Plouffe, Town Link and Village Link) located throughout the town. The Town Link trail will eventually connect the Town Beach, West Village, Mt. Philo, and the East Village.

In total, there are eight trails, parks and natural areas to visit in Charlotte. To see a list of trail descriptions and maps select Parks and Trails Maps.

The Trails Committee operates under the guidelines established in the stewardship plan approved by the Selectboard in October, 2012. A link to the plan is below:

Town of Charlotte Trail System Stewardship Plan, October 2012

Effort continues to maintain and complete the network of Charlotte trails.  Below is a table that shows major changes to the trails network and lists future sections as detailed in the Town Plan. These will require site scoping studies, potential easements, design and engineering, and selectboard approval before any construction can begin. The Trails Committee was formed in 2003 and several trails were already in existence at that time.

YearTrail Name and Section
2000 Plouffe Lane
2000 Pease Mountain
2000 Village Loop (formerly 250 Loop)
2001-2003 Town Link  - Melissa & Trevor Mack Trail (Rte 7 to St. Park Rd)
2012-2014 Town Link - Co-housing (Common Rd to Rte 7)
2018 Town Link - Rte 7 Underpass
2020 Town Link - State Park Road (Mack to Mt. Philo)
2022 Pease Mountain - re-route entrance trail
2023 Village Loop - Re-do trail to Ferry Rd
TBD Town Link - Co-housing to West Village
TBD Town Link - West Village to Town Beach
TBD Town Link - Mt. Philo to East Village


                                            Here is what to expect hiking the Town Link Trail:                        

                                                                                                               Video by Kevin Burget

We ask that all users stay on the trails and off of private property bordering the trails, keep dogs from straying into neighboring yards,
clean up after pets, and respect the privacy of the landowners who have generously allowed trail easements on their land.