Subdivision Review and Site Assessment

The Charlotte Conservation Commission plays a key role in subdivision review for the town, as advisers to the Development Review Board on impacts of development to natural resources of high public value. Subdivision reviews are based on the town’s definition of Areas of High Public Value. Interpretation of the Seven Ecological Principles Related to Wildlife Conservation that are the basis for the Significant Wildlife Habitat Map may also be considered.

Conservation Commission Procedures:

  • An applicant shall, prior to submitting an application for subdivision approval, submit a sketch plan (or multiple plans) of the proposed subdivision (and associated fee) at the town office.
  • The Charlotte Conservation Commission (CCC) receives notification of the submitted application from the Planning and Zoning Department via contact with the CCC chair.
  • A site visit can accompany the sketch plan review, which the DRB will indicate in their agenda or otherwise. The CCC will assign one or more commissioners to attend the site visit and sketch plan review meeting with DRB.
  • The conservation commissioner(s) will assess the proposal and write a letter that includes relevant maps and/or other information. The assessment is usually presented to the DRB and the applicant prior to or at the Sketch Plan meeting.