Health Officer

Duties of the Health Officer

Town health officers are given authority by Vermont law to investigate and mitigate any potential or existing public health hazard in their town. Each town has a local board of health made up of the town’s Selectboard and the town Health Officer (THO). The THO investigates all complaints and has extensive authority to take emergency mitigation steps, and may enforce any State health regulations and local health ordinances in their town.

Per Vermont Statute 18 V.S.A. Section 602a, The Town of Charlotte Health Officer shall:

(1) upon request of a landlord or tenant, or upon receipt of information regarding a condition that may be a public health hazard, conduct an investigation;

(2) enforce the provisions of this title, the rules promulgated and permits issued thereunder;

(3) prevent, remove, or destroy any public health hazard, or mitigate any significant public health risk in accordance with the provisions of this title;

(4) in consultation with the department, take the steps necessary to enforce all orders issued pursuant to chapter 3 of this title.

Upon discovery of violation or a public health hazard or public health risk that involves a public water system, a food or lodging establishment, or any other matter regulated by department rule, the local health officer shall immediately notify the division of environmental health. Upon discovery of any other violation, public health hazard, or public health risk, the local health officer shall notify the division of environmental health within 48 hours of discovery of such violation or hazard and of any action taken by the officer.

Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) Monitoring

Cyanobacteria is monitored by volunteers trained by the Lake Champlain Committee. They notify the Town Health Officer if cyanobacteria exists, who will then post either yellow “Health Alert” or red “Swimming Area Closed” signs. Signs will only be posted at the following town-owned swimming areas: Charlotte Beach and Whiskey Bay. Courtesy signs may be posted at the Converse Bay boat launch if staffing allows.

The Vermont Department of Health provides Cyanobacteria Guidance for Vermont Communities

Please also refer to the following websites for additional information:

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