Maps of Town

For an interactive map of built and natural resources, see the 
Charlotte Map ViewerSource: Chittenden Regional Planning Commission. (See this User's Guide for tips on navigating this map.)

For an interactive map of significant wildlife habitat, see the
Charlotte Significant Wildlife Habitat MapSource: Chittenden Regional Planning Commission
The Technical Guild to Classifying, Identifying and Justifying Significant Wildlife Habitat in Charlotte provides important background information.

For links to all parks and trails in Charlotte, see
Parks and Trails

Other town maps: 

Charlotte Conservation Fund Projects Map Source: Charlotte Land Trust
Charlotte Conserved & Public Land Map (2024) Source: Chittenden Regional Planning Commission
Charlotte Farms & Agricultural Operations Map (2022) Source: Center for Rural Studies, UVM
Charlotte Town Roads Map (2021) Source: Chittenden Regional Planning Commission
Charlotte Zoning Map (adopted March 1, 2016) Source: Chittenden Regional Planning Commission
Mount Philo Quadrangle Source: Geological Survey, 1948
Thompson's Point Lot Map (1932) Source: H.M. McIntosh, C.E.
Thompson's Point Wastewater System, C1.0-C1.10 (2022) Source: Civil Engineering Associates