NOTE: Links to the study reports referenced below are underlined. 

2017 Scoping Study

The Town of Charlotte retained the DuBois & King consulting firm to conduct a scoping study for connecting the existing sections of the Town Link Trail to Mount Philo State Park and to the West Village.  Work on the study began in September 2016 and included input from the public.  The final report was submitted to the Town in June 2017.  The study itself contains a more detailed description of its work process.  The cost of the study was paid for in part by a grant from the Vermont Agency of Transportation.

2020 State Park Road extension of Town Link Trail

Update:  The Town of Charlotte completed construction of a new section of the Town Link Trail along State Park Road in the fall of 2020.  The contents of this section reflect the planning process that went into the new section.

The Town Link Trail/State Park Road Steering Committee is overseeing the process that will re-examine the design of a trail to connect the completed portion of the Town Link Trail to Mount Philo State Park.  Work is now beginning to determine the detailed layout of this portion of trail.  This work will build on the recommendations of the Town Link Trail Scoping Study completed in 2017.

As part of this work, the Town will be holding public work sessions to provide opportunities for the public to participate in the development of the detailed layout.  More information about this project is available in the documents below:

Notice for Public Worksession #2, November 13, 2018

State Park Road Path - Layout Options

Agenda for October 29, 2018

Narrative for October 29, 2018

Figures 5-9 for October 29, 2018

Figure 10 for October 29, 2018

Option Tables for October 29, 2018 

Steering Committee Agenda for September 18, 2018

2021 Scoping Study

The following individuals were members of the Town Link Trail Scoping Study, which worked on a volunteer basis from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021 to provide research and analysis to the Town of Charlotte on eventual Town Link Trail sections that would connect the West Village to the Town Beach.  The Scoping Study membership is alternatively referred to as the Steering Committee.  Please see the 2021 Scoping Study itself for a detailed description of the study process and recommendations.  Please note that all decisions with regards to Charlotte's trails, including what new sections to build and how and when to build them, rest exclusively with the Selectboard.

James Donovan, volunteer consultant
James Faulkner, Select Board liaison
Laurie Thompson, Trails Committee
William Regan, Trails Committee
Jack Pilla, Charlotte trail user representative
William Stuono, Planning Commission
Mary Van Vleck, Conservation Commission
William Fraser-Harris, Recreation Commission

See the map linked below for an overview of the current trails and status. Aspirational Connections (dotted blue lines) show the future connections. Click on the map to see a larger version.

Trail Status Small

 (map derived from