Utilities, Recycling & Composting


ElectricGreen Mountain Power is the sole provider in Charlotte
Solar: Charlotte Energy Committee
Landline phone service: Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom is the sole provider in Charlotte


Internet Service

Charlotte Public Library: provides public wifi.
Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom
Consolidated Communications (via phone wiring)
Services available via satellite dish & wireless network (see: online Directory)

Antennas and Digital Television

Some areas in Charlotte may support the use of an antenna to receive TV signals directly from a broadcaster.
Consult this FCC site for reception

Water and Septic

With few exceptions, Charlotte residents obtain their water supply from private drilled wells. Wastewater is treated via onsite private septic systems, except for most of the Thompson’s Point summer residences. New wastewater systems, and modifications of existing systems, require a permit, obtained locally. Information on permitting a new or replacement wastewater treatment system in Charlotte can be found here.

Trash Hauling, Recycling & Composting

Commercial Trash Hauling Services

Pickup Services available in Chittenden County (per the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD) web site)

Recycling Services

Recycling is mandatory in Vermont. Commercial trash haulers are responsible for picking up recycling for their customers. Or residents may also self-haul their trash and recyclable materials to regional drop-off centers, who charge a small fee for disposal.

CSWD – operates regional recycling and composting drop-off centers.


Vermont State Law re food scraps - Food waste is banned from disposal in household trash and landfills.

Residents may arrange for private pick-up of their household compost from a hauler, bring it themselves to a regional facility (see above link), or set up their own composting bin at home.

Backyard Composting in 6 Steps (via the CSWD web site)