Wastewater and Water Supply Permits

In 2007, the Town of Charlotte was granted delegation authority to issue Wastewater System and Potable Water Supply Permits. The Charlotte Selectboard voted to end municipal delegation in late 2023. Beginning March 1, 2024, the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources - Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division - Essex Regional Office has assumed wastewater permits, compliance, and enforcement.  All permit applications must now be submitted to the Essex Regional Office. 

Find My Permit or Design

If your property has a wastewater and water supply permit, you can search for it online in a few different places: (1) directly in the search bar at the top of this page (2007 - present); (2) by clicking on the appropriate year to the right of this page (2007 - present); OR (3) the State Permit Database. You will need to know the property location or the last name of the person who obtained the permit. Please note that some older permits on the state website do not have the street address listed in the search results. This is often the case with parcels of land that were part of a subdivision in which street addresses and maybe even street names were not yet assigned. For example, one might encounter a description such as "Lot 1 on proposed three-lot subdivision off Greenbush Road." 

If you are unable to find a permit online, in-person searches may be conducted at the Charlotte Town Hall offices during business hours (for permits issued from 2007-February 2024), or (for permits issued prior to 2007) at the VT Dept. of Environmental Conservation office, located at 111 West Street, Essex Junction, Vermont 05452. Phone: 802-879-5656.